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Earn Big as a Young Freelance Writer: the course for young writers who want to make REAL MONEY!

Does being a young writer mean you’ve gotta work cheap? NO!

  • Think you’re ‘too young’ to ask for pro rates?
  • Afraid you’ll never find high-paying clients?
  • Feel ‘unqualified’ to pitch big brands?
  • Worried that not having a college degree will hold you back?
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Write Big: A fear busting e-course for freelance writers - On Sale Now

Move beyond fear and get your writing out there!

  • Learn practical fear-busters such as how to price a gig, take a successful client meeting, and more.
  • Discover how to beat anxiety about your writing career and move forward.
  • Overcome procrastination and low self-esteem to let your writing shine.
  • Listen in as writers’ coach Marla Beck offers real hope for writers trapped by fear.
  • Plus: Take our Homework Challenge to confront and vanquish your fears!.

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Escape the Content Mills - On Sale Now

Move up and earn more with our course designed to overcome fears, build confidence, and teach you the marketing keys to finding your own, better-paying clients!

  • Find your niche
  • Learn about good-paying markets
  • Discover easy marketing that works
  • Overcome fear

…and more!

4-Week J-School: Journalism Crash Course - On Sale Now

Get the journalism chops you need to land good-paying gigs — and work at your own pace.

  • Is fear of making a mistake or looking stupid holding you back from pursuing your dream of becoming a successful article writer?
  • Are you stuck writing for content mills and can’t seem to move up?
  • Do you feel you’re earning less than you should because you didn’t go to journalism school — but you don’t want to shell out $30k to attend?
Freelance Writers Pitch Clinic: Learn how to get the gig–fast!

Fast-paced and fun – pitch us for 6 weeks!

  • Do you send off pitch letters and get no response?
  • Never send queries because you feel you don’t know how?
  • Learn to pitch to editors and get the gig.
  • Learn how to get the gig FAST!
Article Writing Master Class: Get pro writing chops in 10 weeks!

Build your skills and confidence to get more income!

  • Learn how to match a publication’s tone and style.
  • Discover the best ways to organize your writing so you can write quickly and efficiently.
  • Learn best practices for writing every part of an article, from the headline to the kicker.
  • Much, much more!