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Article Writing Master Class

Article Writing Master ClassYou have great ideas

  • You’re ready to query your dream magazine or website.
  • Or maybe you’re pitching a potential client articles for their blog, newsletter or website. After all, you know article writing is the killer skill this year.

But here’s your secret fear:

  • You’ll actually get the assignment.
  • Do you have the writing chops to cut it?
  • What if you mess it up? What if you don’t do enough research?
  • What if — worst of all –the editor or client hates your article and makes you redo it, or even kills it?

[ We Hear This all the Time ]

We hear these fears all the time from aspiring writers, and even from experienced writers looking to move up to bigger magazines or business clients.

They ask us, “Could you tell me if my writing is any good?”

Yes, we can.

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