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Freelance Writer’s Pitch Clinic

Freelance Writers Pitch ClinicDo you send off pitch letters to magazines, blogs, businesses and websites…and get no response? Never send queries because you feel you don’t know how?

Learn how to get the gig—fast!

  • Learn to pitch to editors and business clients…and get the gig.
  • Learn and grow as a writer with expert feedback on your queries and Letters of Introduction (LOIs).
  • Get your questions answered by 2 pro writers.
  • Have your homework critiqued by REAL LIVE, big-name magazine editors.
  • Participate in a 4-week pitch challenge, and get up to 4 pitch letters reviewed by pro editors.
  • Fast-paced and fun!
  • And best of all…get the skills and confidence to launch (or improve) a freelance business that lets you work from home and control how much you earn.

Why your pitches go nowhere…

Editors and business clients are busy people, and they’re inundated with pitches. So if your idea doesn’t hit it out of the park with a topic that client needs to print right now, it won’t happen.

Often, you never hear back about your query letter to a consumer magazine, or your letter of introduction to a trade publication or business. And you learn nothing about why your idea didn’t work.

Then you feel stuck writing for low-paid websites and content mills. Meanwhile, other writers who know how to pitch are getting the $1-a-word article assignments and seeing their byline in glossy magazines.

Pitch Clinic gets you the gig

We’ll train you up on how to generate loads of salable story ideas and how to write irresistible pitch letters. Should you write a query or a letter of introduction (LOI)? We’ll clear that up, too.

Then you’ll get feedback on your work for a month, from experienced writing pros and actual editors!

Two ways to learn: This class offers you both live feedback and detailed, written critiques via email from real publication editors.

Big-name editors critiquing YOUR work!

We hire actual (well-known!) magazine editors to critique your ideas and homework! Recent Pitch Clinic staff editors have included:

  • Sarah Smith, Executive Editor at Redbook
  • Zac Petit, former Managing Editor at Writer’s Digest and current Editor of Print Magazine
  • Peter Carbonara, Deputy Editor of Forbes
  • Peggy Bennett, former Entrepreneur and editor
  • Connie Gentry, editor of Full Service Restaurant

Karen Morse“I landed a FOB piece for Weight Watchers magazine as a result of Pitch Clinic, which then led to another assignment from them (and hopefully more to come!). Thanks for helping me break in to this great magazine!” —Karen Morse

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Course Schedule

Pitch Clinic combines pre-recorded trainings with 4 weekly, live Q&As where you get your questions answered by pro writers Carol Tice and Linda Formichelli.

  • Lesson 1 – Story ideas: Let’s Make Your Story Idea Not Suck! Listen in as we refine writers’ story ideas live, and make them irresistible to editors.
  • Lesson 2: Anatomy of a Killer Query: In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn the pros’ secrets to writing every part of a query letter so that editors find it irresistible (and you earn big bucks!).
  • Lesson 3 – Writing a Kick-Butt Letter of Introduction: In this recording, Carol and Linda share details on how to avoid common mistakes and write a standout letter of introduction that gets you hired by editors at trade and custom publications.
  •  Lesson 4 — Pitch time: Email editors with your queries and LOIs and get detailed feedback. This is where you put everything you learned into action. You’ll have a month to send as many as four queries/LOIs for review.

BONUS MASTERMIND — Stay on track!

All students get a bonus ‘exit call’ after your Pitch Challenge month getting feedback from our editors.

During this bonus call, we’ll be talking goals and accountability. Did you reach your goal for Pitch Clinic? How can we help you? We’ll offer our expert advice for putting what you learned to work.

Here’s what you get:

  • Recordings, download links, and complete transcripts of all live events.
  • Five live Q&As, where you can ask questions and get answers from two pro writers.
  • Training handouts with resource links and our very best tips on how to craft pitches that work.
  • Proven query and LOI templates & tip sheets for goof-proof pitching.
  • 2 BONUS PODCASTS: Story Idea Lab, and How to Make Your Query Irresistible to Editors — These will be available as soon as you register, so you can get started right away.
  • BONUS WEBINAR: Top 11 Query Mistakes.
  • PLUS: Listen in as we Ask an Editor of a trade magazine the LOI secrets that get your idea approved!
  • The confidence and skills to pitch national magazines, big businesses, well-known blogs, high-paying websites, and other lucrative publication markets…so you can finally live the life you’ve always wanted.

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Our students get results!

Nicole Slaughter-Graham“Thanks to Pitch Clinic, I landed a feature article with a national magazine! I worked on a pitch that I intended for VFW Magazine, and once it was tweaked and ready, I sent out the query. The editor at VFW contacted me within a week to let me know they loved the idea and wanted a 1500 word feature! This really gave me the momentum to keep going and keep pitching. I was so impressed by the instructors and the support I received in the course. I now have some invaluable tools to pull from.” —Nicole Slaughter-Graham

mmackey_photo_headshot“Pitch Clinic has been a tremendous boost to my career, and well worth my investment. I’d freelanced years ago, and feared that while I was busy raising children the market had changed too much for me to compete. Pitch Clinic reinforced what I knew and gave me so much more besides. The lessons were packed with valuable information, tips and spot-on advice, tailored to the specific projects I was working on. Only successful freelancers and gifted teachers could offer this kind of instruction. Carol and Linda were aided by a crack team of experienced editors, who were also skilled at mentoring and generous with their knowledge. Because of Pitch Clinic, I got my first writing assignment in many years, from an idea I developed in class.” —Maureen Mackey

RenaeMoyers“Cost of Pitch Class, $300.

Cost to replace computer that bogged to a crawl during Pitch Class, $250.

Cost of tissues to mop up from Pitch Class, $10.

Receiving validation from two industry experts that my stuff is good, and that I can be a successful freelance writer: priceless.

Thank-you both for being so good at what you do.” —Renae Moyers

Kathleen Kohler“A Big Thank You, Carol & Linda, for sharing your years of experience. The value of what I’ve learned far exceeds the cost of Pitch Clinic. You’ve given me the courage to seek out experts for quotes when writing a query, and to do simultaneous submissions. Thank you! I look forward to learning a ton more from you.” —Kathleen Kohler

Kimberly Absher“Pitch Clinic took me from an absolute beginner in the freelancing game to someone prepared to pinpoint a marketable idea, develop a pitch, and send it off. As it turns out, pitching, like writing in general, is not a mysterious road that a gifted few are able to navigate effectively. Rather, it’s a formulaic process, made much more accessible by Linda and Carol.” —Kimberly Absher

“I acted on the information and landed my first paid gig in February for one of my favourite magazines.

The information in this class is practical, fresh, and current. Responses were prompt and tailored to my situation, not a cookie-cutter response. The cost is an investment you benefit from in numerous ways, and again and again.” —Diane Dutchin, WriteEncourageEmpower

So how much is it already?

For the info-packed lessons, inspiring and helpful live calls, free bonuses, thorough critiques from industry pros and real editors…not to mention the chance to get all your money back—your investment is just $500.

We know…crazy, right? One decent article assignment pays you back the class fee!

But the caveat is, we can only take 100 students. We need to keep our editor/instructors fresh and perky to answer all your questions and critique your ideas and pitches, so we don’t like to overload them with queries to review. So if you’re interested in taking advantage of a class that’s helped writers launch their writing careers and earn well—sign up today!

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To learn when we will open registration for the Summer 2016 Pitch Clinic session, join our waiting list.

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Meet your instructors:

Linda FormicelliLinda Formichelli is a veteran freelance writer and the co-author of The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success and The Renegade Writer’s Query Letters That Rock. Linda has written for over 150 magazines, from Pizza Today to Redbook; two dozen corporate clients, including Pizzeria Uno, OnStar, TripAdvisor, and Sprint; and blogs like Copyblogger, Write to Done, and Tiny Buddha. More than 7,000 writers get Linda’s inspiring Monday Motivations for Writers emails. She lives in NC with her husband, 6-year-old ballet-dancer son, two (yes, two) exchange students, and three rescue cats. Linda travels with her family often (up this fall: Paris!) and loves earning full-time income working part-time hours from her screened-in porch.

Carol TiceCarol Tice is a longtime freelance writer who’s earned more each year straight through the downturn. Over 60,000 readers devour her Make a Living Writing blog each month, and 1,400 belong to her Freelance Writers Den community. Her articles have appeared in Alaska Airlines Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Seattle Magazine, and Seattle Business, among many others. Her byline appears on 2 print and 7 e-books, most recently Start Here: 40 Freelance Writers Share How They Get Clients, Stay Motivated, and Earn Well Today. A Los Angeles native, she now lives on an island near Seattle with her husband, the two of her three kids who still live at home, and Rex the wonder dog.

SarahSmithSarah Smith is The Executive Editor at Redbook, where she edits a wide variety of topics and styles of writing, from nutrition articles to personal essays. Previously, she was the editorial director of KIWI, a national family magazine; Sarah also worked for many years at the now-defunct Parenting during its award-winning glory days.

ZacPetitZachary Petit is the editor of the National Magazine Award–winning publication Print, a freelance journalist and a lifelong literary nerd. Formerly, he was the longtime managing editor of Writer’s Digest magazine, and executive editor of several related newsstand titles, including Writing Basics, Writer’s Workbook and Writer’s Yearbook. Alongside the thousands of articles he has penned as a staff writer and editor, covering everything from the secret lives of mall Santas to creative legends, his words regularly appear in National Geographic Kids, and have also popped up in the pages of National Geographic, Melissa Rossi’s What Every American Should Know book series, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and many other outlets. He is the author of The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing: How to Write, Work and Thrive On Your Own Terms (Fall 2015) and co-author of A Year of Writing Prompts: 366 Story Ideas for Honing Your Craft and Eliminating Writer’s Block.

Start getting $$$ gigs—NOW

You can keep on sending query letters and LOIs out into space and never hear a peep back. Or you can take a shortcut and learn how to write pitches that get a response — and get you assignments from top-paying markets!

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To learn when we will open registration for the Summer 2016 Pitch Clinic session, join our waiting list.

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