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Getting the Gig is packed with 11 case studies of freelancers worldwide who broke through the barriers that were keeping them from making a good living writing—in just 4 weeks—after taking the Pitch Clinic class through Useful Writing Courses.

One writer in Spain went from nothing to earning $2,000 per week (no joke). A U.S. freelancer was offered a full-time writing job. (Did she accept the job? Read the e-book to find out!) A writer in India landed a book-writing gig. Another U.S. writer broke into her first print magazine. And much more!

And...we don't just brag on these successful studentsthough that is definitely a fun read—but also ask them to share their top tips so you can copy their success.

Replay Details...
This was no regular call—it's the first lesson of Carol & Linda's popular Freelance Writer's Pitch Clinic class, which we're offering free to the public for a limited time. We don't want to TELL you how useful Pitch Clinic is -- we want to show you!

Listen in while students:


Discover the most common mistakes writers make when developing ideas for magazines, websites, and blogs. (Are YOU committing these snafus?)


Ask two successful, veteran freelancers their most pressing questions about how to develop story ideas that sell.