4 Week Journalism School

Hello and welcome to the 2014 4-Week Journalism School!

Get ready for a ton of useful information that covers every aspect of article writing — from great story ideas to interviewing to writing and dealing with ethics (and editors).

All the course materials are linked in the tabs you see below. The bonuses we talked about are over on that ‘bonus’ tab, and the four sessions each have a tab.

J School: 4-Week Journalism Crash Course

Couple quick things you need to know before you get started:

1) Look for your login

To see the course pages, you’ll need to log onto this site. Check your email — and your deleted or “promotions” file if need be — to find your username and password. We’ve automagically generated it for you, and you’ll be set to go once you read that email.

2) Confirm your email signup

When you paid for this class, you automatically got signed up on our class mailing list. You’ll get a confirmation email from Mailchimp about that — please press the big “confirm” button. Otherwise, you won’t be on our list.

We like to send you motivational notes and tips about how to get the most out of this class during the 4 weeks we’re supporting it. We also sometimes send super-secret discount offers on other classes to our students. So you want to be on there.

3) Get in the forum (if you’re doing that)

We offered two levels of this course this time around — materials only, and materials + support.

If you chose the support level, you can ask questions and get support from your fellow students for 4 whole weeks on the exclusive J-School forum we’ve installed in Freelance Writers Den.

Give us 24 hours or so from when you register to make sure we’ve got you moderated into the J-School forum. If you can’t see it on Freelance Writers Den after that, let us know and we’ll get you in there.

We hope the J-School helps you grow your writing income!

Carol & Linda

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