Move up and earn more with our course designed to overcome fears, build confidence, and teach you the marketing keys to finding your own, better-paying clients!

-- Find your niche
-- Learn about good-paying markets
-- Discover easy marketing that works
-- Overcome fear
-- ...and more!

Module 1 Finding Your Niche (+ Bonuses)
Unit 1 How to Get the Most Out of Escape the Content Mills
Unit 2 Lesson 1: Finding Your Niche
Unit 3 BONUS: 8 Ways Content Mill Writers Can Earn More — Fast
Unit 4 Bonus PDF Report: Escape the Content Mills – 6 Writers’ True Stories of Moving Up and Earning More
Module 2 Markets That Pay
Unit 1 Lesson 2: Markets That Pay
Unit 2 Bonus: Earn More as a Content Marketer--With Gregory Ciotti
Module 3 Marketing That Works
Unit 1 Lesson 3: Marketing That Works
Unit 2 E-book: Getting the Gig
Module 4 Build a (Cheap & Effective!) Writer Website
Unit 1 Lesson 4: Build a (Cheap & Effective!) Writer Website
Unit 2 Your Website Planner Worksheet
Module 5 Overcome Fear and Take Action
Unit 1 Lesson 5: Overcome Fear and Take Action
Unit 2 E-book: Fear Not! Confidence-Building Insights, Tips & Techniques for Freelance Writers