Module 1 Homework

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Pitch Clinic 2015
Pitch Clinic
Module 1 Live Pitch Clinic event: Let’s Make Your Story Idea Not Suck!-
Unit 1 Pitch Clinic Refund Offer - FAQs
Unit 2 Getting Started in Pitch Clinic
Unit 3 How to get the most from Pitch Clinic
Unit 4 Module 1 Open Pitch Call - "Let's Make Your Query Letter Not Suck!" - Recording & Transcript
Unit 5 Module 1 Q&A & Story-Idea Pitch: Recording & Transcript
Unit 6 Bonus Podcast: Story idea lab with Carol Tice & Linda Formichelli
Unit 7 Idea Critique Handout -- "Let's Make Your Story Idea Not Suck!"
Unit 8 Pitch Brainstorming Session — Podcast
Unit 9 Module 1 Homework