Article critique & Q&A call + article packet

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4 Week Journalism School AUDIT VERSION 1.0
Story Ideas That Sell. You’ll discover dozens of strategies and sources for finding story ideas and slanting them to fit specific publications. Newsgathering 101. How to find fresh research, locate credible sources, and conduct lively interviews that get you great quotes. Article writing intensive. We share all our best tips for delivering well-written pieces your editor will love. Then, you can write an article draft and we’ll review it, if you choose the +Support level. Journalism ethics 101. Worried about getting sued? Don’t know if you’re writing things that could get you in trouble with your editor? Find out what you need to know in dealing with sources, using quotes, and citing existing materials.
Module 4 Journalism Ethics-
Unit 1 Ethics Training - Webinar, audio, transcript, handout
Unit 2 Ethics Q&A call- Audio & transcript
Unit 3 Bonus: 7 Ways to Get Editors' Contact Information
Unit 4 Module 4 Homework
Unit 5 Article critique & Q&A call + article packet