Welcome, Escape The Content Mills Students! (v2)

We’re excited to welcome you to the first class of Escape The Content Mills! Stick a bookmark in this page, as it will be your headquarters for everything you need in class the next 5 weeks.

There are no live events in this class, it’s all PDFs you can read and learn from at your convenience! (For more info on how our classes work, see the FAQs.)

This course is designed to give you the tools and confidence you need to start earning more as a freelance writer.

How it works: This class is self-serve. You can see the first unit in the first module is clickable. After you finish that unit, check it off and the next one will become available.

Class Materials

Module 1: Finding Your Niche (+ Bonuses)

Not sure what topics to write about? Wondering if you have enough experience to write about anything at all? In Module 1, you’ll delve into your life and your background to figure out the most lucrative niches YOU can write in.

Unit 1

How to Get the Most Out of Escape the Content Mills

Unit 2

Lesson One: Finding Your Niche

Unit 3

BONUS: 8 Ways Content Mill Writers Can Earn More — Fast

Unit 4

Bonus PDF Report: Escape the Content Mills – 6 Writers’ True Stories of Moving Up and Earning More

Module 2: Markets That Pay

There’s more out there than the national magazines and big-name corporate clients. In Module 2, we’ll share the many other types of markets that hire freelance writers — as well as the types of writing that can pay big, from web writing to.

Unit 1

Lesson 2: Markets That Pay

Unit 2

Bonus: Earn More as a Content Marketer–With Gregory Ciotti

Module 3: Marketing That Works

When you write for content mills, it can be simple as choosing a topic from a list. But when you want to break out and get REAL clients, marketing yourself is key. In Module 3, we’ll show you the most commonly effective marketing techniques for writers — queries and LOIs — along with other tactics that can help you land assignments.

Unit 1

Lesson 3: Marketing That Works

Unit 2

E-book: Getting the Gig

Module 4: Build a (Cheap & Effective!) Writer Website

You DO need a website, but you don’t need to spend a bundle on it. In Module 4, we’ll share tips on building a cost-effective website that will attract writing clients.

Unit 1

Lesson 4: Build a (Cheap & Effective!) Writer Website

Unit 2

Your Website Planner Worksheet

Module 5: Overcome Fear and Take Action

We know why so many content mill writers don’t move up and out: Fear. This is so common that we devoted all of Module 5 to practical exercises and strategies to help you move past your fears, so you can pitch to better markets with confidence.

Unit 1

Lesson 5: Overcome Fear and Take Action

Unit 2

E-book: Fear Not! Confidence-Building Insights, Tips & Techniques for Freelance Writers

Technical Support

Have a technical question about the class? Can’t log in, or something won’t download? Contact our troubleshooters at help@usefulwritingcourses.com — that desk is staffed 7 days a week.

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