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How it works: This class is self-serve. You can see the first unit in the first module is clickable. After you finish that unit, check it off and the next one will become available. The 4 basic lessons are all recordings and PDFs you can read, watch, listen to — and learn from at your convenience! (For more info on how our classes work, see the FAQs.)

This course is designed to give you the tools and confidence you need to start earning more as a freelance writer. We hope this live session will answer any questions you have after you go through our four J-School lessons and all the bonuses!

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Class Materials

Module 1 Story Ideas
You want to generate killer ideas that grab editors’ eyeballs and make them want to assign you an article (and pay you loads of money!). Here’s how to do that.
Unit 1 Ideas Training - Webinar, audio, transcript and handout
Unit 2 Story Ideas - Q&A call audio & transcript
Unit 3 Bonus: Idea Generation Tips
Unit 4 Bonus Podcast: How to Make Your Story Idea Irresistible to Editors - Audio & transcript
Unit 5 Bonus PDF: Linda’s Writer’s Digest article on how to write a profile
Module 2 Newsgathering
There’s more to writing than...well, writing. Here, get the scoop on researching and interviewing so your articles shine.
Unit 1 Newsgathering Training - Webinar, audio, transcript, handout
Unit 2 Newsgathering Q&A call audio & transcript
Unit 3 Bonus PDF - Interviewing tips
Module 3 Article Writing
Here’s the part we all love: Writing, writing, writing! Learn everything you need to know about crafting an article editors -- and readers -- will love.
Unit 1 Article Writing Training - Webinar, audio, transcript, handout
Unit 2 Article Writing Q&A call - Audio & transcript
Unit 3 Bonus PDF: Watch Linda Write an Article
Unit 4 Bonus PDF: Watch Me Write a Headline That Goes Viral
Module 4 Journalism Ethics
Worried something you write will get you sued (or in trouble with an editor)? Yikes! Learn all about the ethics side of journalism so you can avoid the ethical pitfalls that trap unwary writers.
Unit 1 Ethics Training - Webinar, audio, transcript, handout
Unit 2 Ethics Q&A call- Audio & transcript
Unit 3 Bonus: 7 Ways to Get Editors' Contact Information
Unit 4 Module 4 Homework
Unit 5 Article critique & Q&A call + article packet

Technical Support

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