WRITE BIG: A Fear-Busting E-Course for Freelance Writers (with Support)

We’re excited to welcome you to WRITE BIG: A Fear-Busting E-Course for Freelance Writers! Stick a bookmark in this page, as it will be your headquarters for everything you need in class.

How it works:
You can see the first unit in the first module is clickable. After you finish that unit, check it off and the next one will become available. The 3 basic lessons and our bonuses are all recordings and PDFs you can read, watch, listen to — and learn from at your convenience! (For more info on how our classes work, see the FAQs.)

For support: You’ll be able to visit our Write Big Fear-Busting Support Group on Facebook all month, and we’re holding two live Q&As — watch your email or check the modules below for Q&A info.

This course is designed to give you practical strategies for moving beyond your fears and taking action to advance your freelance writing career. From worries about what to say in a client meeting to dealing with that free-floating anxiety that you’re just ‘not good enough,’ we’ve got help for you!

Class Materials

Module 1 Step by Step Fear-Busters
Unit 1 How to Get the Most Out of Write Big
Unit 2 Bonus Kickoff: How to Fix Your Writing Fears NOW
Unit 3 Session 1 - Fear-Buster Training
Unit 4 Session 1 - Live Q&A Recording
Unit 5 Fear-Buster Homework Challenge
Module 2 Fear-busting Tools
Unit 1 Session 2 - Fear-buster Training
Unit 2 3 BONUS Ebooks
Unit 3 Bonus Podcast: The Freelance Writer's Fear-Buster
Module 3 Listen in on Real Fear Coaching
Unit 1 Session 3 - Fear Coaching Session with Marla Beck
Unit 2 Session 3 - Live Q&A Recording & Chat Log
Unit 3 Handout: Marla Beck's Idea Brainstorming Sheet
Unit 4 A Freelance Writer's Meditation Tape
Unit 5 Freelance Writer Permission Slip
Unit 6 Homework: Challenge Checklist


Technical Support

Have a technical question about the class? Can’t log in, or something won’t download? Contact our troubleshooters at help@usefulwritingcourses.com — that desk is staffed 7 days a week.

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