WRITE BIG: A Fear-Busting E-Course for Freelance Writers

We’re excited to welcome you to WRITE BIG: A Fear-Busting E-Course for Freelance Writers! Stick a bookmark in this page, as it will be your headquarters for everything you need in class.

How it works: This class is self-serve. You can see the first unit in the first module is clickable. After you finish that unit, check it off and the next one will become available. The 3 basic lessons and our bonuses are all recordings and PDFs you can read, watch, listen to — and learn from at your convenience! (For more info on how our classes work, see the FAQs.)

This course is designed to give you practical strategies for moving beyond your fears and taking action to advance your freelance writing career. From worries about what to say in a client meeting to dealing with that free-floating anxiety that you’re just ‘not good enough,’ we’ve got help for you!

Class Materials

Module 1 Step by Step Fear-Busters
Unit 1 How to Get the Most Out of Write Big
Unit 2 Bonus Kickoff: How to Fix Your Writing Fears NOW
Unit 3 Session 1 Fear-Buster Training
Unit 4 Fear-Buster Homework Challenge
Module 2 Fear-busting Tools
Unit 1 Session 2 Fear-buster Training
Unit 2 3 BONUS Ebooks
Unit 3 Bonus Podcast: The Freelance Writer's Fear-Buster
Module 3 Listen in on Real Fear Coaching
Unit 1 Session 3: Fear Coaching Session with Marla Beck
Unit 2 Handout: Marla Beck's Idea Brainstorming Sheet
Unit 3 A Freelance Writer's Meditation Tape
Unit 4 Freelance Writer Permission Slip
Unit 5 Homework: Challenge Checklist


Technical Support

Have a technical question about the class? Can’t log in, or something won’t download? Contact our troubleshooters at help@usefulwritingcourses.com — that desk is staffed 7 days a week.

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