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We’re excited to welcome you to the first class of Earn Big as a Young Freelance Writer! Stick a bookmark in this page, as it has links to ALL the materials in this course.

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This course is designed to give you the tools and confidence you need to start earning more as a young freelance writer.

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Class Materials

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 How to Get the Most Out of This Course
Unit 2 Why I Encourage Young Writers to Break the Rules
Unit 3 The Truth About Finding Your Niche, Writing a Blog, and Having a College Degree
Module 2 Master Your Freelance Mindset
Unit 1 Identify + Release Your Limiting Beliefs
Unit 2 10 Habits to Make Your Freelance Career a Wild Success
Unit 3 ACTION ITEM: Identify + Release Your Limiting Beliefs
Unit 4 ACTION ITEM: Young Writer Experience Worksheet
Unit 5 ACTION ITEM: Tools to Help You Improve Your Mindset
Module 3 Lay the Foundation for Freelance Success
Unit 1 Create a Business Entity
Unit 2 Set up Your Website
Unit 3 ACTION ITEM: Writer Website Checklist
Unit 4 Build a Portfolio (+ What to Do without Clips)
Unit 5 ACTION ITEM: How to Get Samples for Your Portfolio
Module 4 Get Organized
Unit 1 Get Your Finances in Order
Unit 2 What to Automate to Make Your Business Run Smoothly
Module 5 Finding Clients + Setting Your Rates + Nailing the Pitch
Unit 1 Set Your Rates Like a Boss
Unit 2 HANDOUT: Rates + Services Sheet Template
Unit 3 How and Where to Find High-Level Clients
Unit 4 ACTION ITEM: High-Level Client Worksheet
Unit 5 What to Look for in a Writing Client
Unit 6 The Art of the Brand Pitch
Unit 7 ACTION ITEM: Brand Pitch Example and Template
Module 6 Blogs, Social Media, and Story Ideas
Unit 1 Structuring a Blog Post + Writing Catchy Headlines
Unit 2 Using Social Media as a Young Freelance Writer
Unit 3 How to Come Up With Story Ideas for Brands
Module 7 Bonuses & Next Steps
Unit 1 So What do I do now?
Unit 2 Bonus #1 - Freelance Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier
Unit 3 Bonus #2 - Contracts + Templates
Unit 4 CASE STUDY: How 4 Young Writers Earn Big By Writing Fun Projects
Unit 5 Young Writer Course ZIP

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